What’s This Site About?

My Mission

To encourage you to get outdoors, have your own #MicroAdventures on the water, and benefit from some real #AdventureTherapy.

Let’s Paddle Longer, Hike Further, and Eat Some Good Food on the way.

I’m Chris Watson, and I’d like to welcome you to my site PaddlingVentures.com

This is where I document & share my love of Kayaking and the outdoors. Including trip reports from paddling journeys across the world.

Chris Watson of PaddlingVentures.com
PaddlingVentures.com by Chris Watson

My Core Values

My goal for this site is to document my paddling micro-adventures and encourage you to do the same, get outside more often, step away from the screen, and enjoy the outdoors.

It is also to teach novices and beginners the basics of Kayaking and encourage you to get involved and reap the benefits of this beautiful sport and family recreational activity.

Go and create your own #MicroAdventures & benefit from real #AdventureTherapy.

I believe that by getting outdoors more often, crafting some fun and exciting days (or even hours) will have a noticeable improvement on your mental health and all-around well-being plus, you’ll have some fun thrown into the mix!

Extraordinary Experiences

I live in Glasgow, Scotland, and I’m fortunate to have access to incredible waters almost on my doorstep.

From Loch Lomond and the Trossachs national park to the plethora of options along the East & West Coasts of Scotland, which boasts some of the best Sea Kayaking routes in the world.

And including my Trip Reports from across the world, I’ll document, share here – and encourage you to do the same.

Chris Watson Paddling Fjords in Norway
NÆRØYFJORD, Norway. UNESCO World Heritage site

A Word About My Content

  • The content on this site is made up of a mix of photos, videos, written information articles & Trip Guides.
  • Almost every photo and certainly all video content is unique to PaddlingVentures.com.  I only use stock photos when I haven’t had time to go shoot something unique to the point of reference in our content, which will be cited accordingly.  I’ll usually circle back and edit posts when we have got around to shooting unique photos – so do check back.
  • As for Trip Guides or Product information – these are all unique and written and edited by me directly. Like many of the photos and videos, they are my personal experiences.
  • For information articles, however, I may use a freelance writer from time to time. However, I still research all content and outlines created and edit them before publishing them to ensure they meet my quality standards.
  • I am always open to feedback and would love to hear what you think
  • Sharing is Caring. If you happen to share any of my stuff, do the honorable thing, link back, and cite me and my site as the reference. Pay it forward.
Sometimes you just need an adventure to cleanse the bitter taste of life from your soul

Getting In Touch

If you would like to write to me (i.e., the old-fashioned way), then my office address is as follows:
Chris Watson
Watson Publishing Ltd
Suite 411 Baltic Chambers
50 Wellington Street
G2 6HJ
Chris Watson

Chris Watson & Nina Watson Paddling in Majorca
Me & Nina (my Daughter) – Alcudia, Majorca 
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